Productivity Hacks For Writers

Productivity Hacks For Writers

Writing is a fantastic job, but it also can be tedious and uninspiring sometimes. Do you feel as though you need some help in getting the most out of your workday? Here are some productivity hacks that will get you writing to your best standards every time you sit down at your keyboard.

Use Distraction Blocking Writing Tools

The internet is an endless mine of distraction, but it’s also a great place to find tools to help you avoid them. There are tools that will block out everything except the tool, you’re using, to help you focus. Others have timers so you can’t do anything until you’ve spent a certain amount of time writing. Start looking for ‘writing productivity tools’ online, and try a few out until you find one that works for you.

Carry A Notebook Everywhere

It’s true that inspiration can strike wherever you are. Whether you’re in a shower, on a walk, or at work, you’ll have an idea that you’ll want to remember for later. When this happens, it’s vital that you have a notebook with you. You can write that idea down and save it for later when you can work on it properly. If you’re more into digital tech than pen and paper, a note-taking app on your phone works just as well.

Get A Deadline

There’s no denying that nothing is more motivating than a deadline. If you’re only writing for yourself right now, though, how can you stay motivated to get the words on paper? The answer is to give yourself a deadline. If you’re blogging, write at least one post every week. If you’re writing a book, aim for a certain amount of words every day. Create a realistic deadline, and you’ll be more motivated to write.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist

The creators of National Novel Writing Month refer to the ‘inner editor’, the voice in your head that’s saying what you’re writing just isn’t good enough. When you’re writing, it’s so easy to listen to it and start trying to fix what you’re writing, as you’re writing it. Instead, don’t listen to it. Write what you’re writing first, and edit later. It’s much better to get it all down on the page first before you think about trying to edit it.

Set A Time For Writing

It’s easier to write at a time and place that’s right for you. Some people enjoy writing in coffee shops, with noise and bustle around them, as well as a steady flow of coffee. Others like to write in enclosed quiet spaces, with a door they can shut on the world. The timing is crucial too. Do you like to write in the early morning, or when everyone else is in bed? Pick a time and place, and stick to it.

With these tips, you’ll be able to write like a pro without the distractions of everyday life. Pick a time and place to work, get a deadline, and write until everything is down on paper before you edit.

Things You Should Do After Publishing Your Blog Post

Things You Should Do After Publishing Your Blog Post

Writing a blog post is, of course, the most important factor, with content the unrivaled advantage to getting viewers to your blog. However, it is not the only thing you should be doing. In fact, the hard work starts here; as soon as your blog post is completed you should be aware that you need to follow more guidelines to ensure that your post gets the most possible views.

Adapt Post URL

After you have published your post, a URL will be made for you. However, this is often very long and simply put, very forgettable. You should change this and create something that is more relevant and easy to remember; both for you and for your readers.

It goes without saying that you should be publishing your work through social channels such as Facebook and Twitter and adapting your URL helps with this.

Use Hashtags

In this viral age that we live in now, adjusting to the social platform that you are using is vital. You need to know the difference between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and be aware of how to best market your blog posts on each.

For instance, on a platform like Twitter, you should use no more than three or four hashtag’s as the word count limit means that you will miss out of vital words that will sell your post. You should be aware which hashtags are trending and use the ones that best suit you. Using a hashtag that isn’t trending means that you are missing a golden opportunity to reach new readers. However, on Instagram there is no limit on characters meaning that you can use as many Hashtag’s as you wish, reaching a brand new audience with each additional tag.

Importance of Groups

One of the best things about this modern age of social media is that networking is easy and there is no excuse not to be doing it. Facebook and LinkedIn have ensured that you can find the best possible people to help you excel within groups. Being a part of a group with like-minded people is vital and is a good way to push your published work.

Another positive for this would be that if you were looking for honest positive or negative feedback, this would also be the place to get it; meaning that you will only get better.


Looking for like-minded people is another vital importance; these people can help you push your content in the right direction to the target audience that you want. Obviously, the most important step with this is selecting the right people. Selecting the wrong contributors or bloggers would mean that your efforts have been in vain and that you will reach an audience that you possibly didn’t mean to.

Practice makes perfect and the more that you continue to write and adjust, the better that your style will be. The more you publish the easier it will be to market yourself and find your perfect lane.

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners

There are lots of people out there that think blogging is easy. You just write about anything online, and the views just roll in, right? Honestly, it’s more complicated than that. With these tips, you’ll be able to blog like a pro and get eyes on your page in no time at all.

Write As You Talk

There’s no denying that the most popular bloggers are pulling in readers because they’re using a unique and engaging writing style. If you’ve ever got bored of reading a blog and clicked away, it’s probably because the tone was too dry and awkward. Don’t try to emulate others’ writing styles or write as though you’re working on an academic paper. Write in your own voice, and readers will find it much easier to connect with you.

Do Something Different

These days, blogs are very much ten a penny online. You can’t move for finding someone else blogging in your niche. That can be disheartening, and many bloggers give up as they don’t think they can get their voice heard. You can stand out though if you do something different to your peers. If they’re writing short posts, write longer, in-depth ones. If they’re using AdSense, you can use email marketing. There’s something you can do to stand out, so find out what it is and do it.

Write For Other Bloggers

The ‘guest blog‘ has always been a good way to drive traffic to your own site. How does writing for someone else get your views? It’s easy. If you’re writing for someone else’s blog, you’ll be able to add in all your relevant data at the end. You’ll give the reader your blog address, as well as your social media information. It’s a great way to show readers a little bit of what you do, and lead them to your site for more of it.

Create Blogs That Are Of Interest For Your Readers

Any blogger will tell you that ideas come to you all the time. It’s a great idea to keep a notebook, or a list on your phone, and write these ideas down as they come to you. Remember though, not all of them need to be turned into blog posts. Just because the idea appeals to you, it may not appeal to your audience. Think carefully about whether a post will be of interest to those who read your blog.

Stick To The Point

When writing your earlier blogs, it’s easy to digress from the point you’re making. There’s so much to talk about, how will you fit it all in? Remember though, your audience will lose interest if you do this. Instead, stick to your point throughout the blog. If something isn’t relevant to the point you’re trying to make, then it needs to go. Be ruthless.

With these tips, you can make your blog stand out and bring in those readers, even as a new or inexperienced blogger. It’s all about giving the reader what they need from you and your writing.