• Social Media Management

    We optimize social media campaigns to put our clients in front of their target audience. We use video, blogs and array of other content and combine with industry standard SEO to deliver the best results. Staying on the cutting edge of social media and SEO allow clients to remain on the forefront of the ever changing web.

  • Here's What Our Clients Say

    "I searched numerous companies and spoke with several not knowing who I could trust....Now when I check where we stand with the search engines we have multiple listings on the front page. My phones are ringing much more and we just had our busiest month yet.”
    C. Krotz, Stork Vision - Gaithersburg, MD

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    We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your online needs. We promise to make this process easy and most importantly rewarding for the sake of making the most of your valuable time.

  • Comprehensive Approach

    Hiploose provides packages that utilize clients content to develop a comprehensive online campaign that sets them apart from the competition. We offer a variety of cost competitive services that include SEO, Web Design, Video Marketing, to Social Media Management.


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Learn more about HGS |Why video marketing?
  • A web video marketing campaign will build and enhance your social branding! Companies like YouTube, Twitter, and MySpace have forced companies to rethink their internet marketing strategies as well as their corporate branding strategies to include web video marketing as part of their plans.
  • Web video marketing services, such as those that HGS creates for their clients, focus on getting both entertaining and informative messages out to highly targeted groups of potential customers.

Client Testimonials

Adam Johnston of Under Budget Cabinets commented on our Marketing

"I have nothing but positive comments about the team at HipLoose ..... I have already seen an increase in customers based on organic searches.”

Chelsea Krotz of Stork Vision Gaithersburg, MD commented on our Credibility

"I searched numerous companies and spoke with several not knowing who I could trust....Now when I check where we stand with the search engines we are always at the top three every time. My phones are ringing much more and December has been our busiest month yet.”

Sandrea Voeller of Stork Vision Madison, WI commented on our Value & Services

"Hiploose has been such a great asset to my business. The price is fantastic and the work they have done for me is irreplaceable in a market driven by the internet...I would recommend Hiploose to any one that has a business and is trying to be successful on the web. A great group of people to work with!”


Interactive Video

Feb 1, 2018 | See Example

Our interactive video technology offers our clients cutting edge advantages over their market competitors' advertising campaigns.  Additionally, it gives their potential clients an easy "pick & click" experience that proves to be extremely user friendly for the reviewing audience.  HGS can direct clients to a specific product, location on your personal website, or anywhere on the web!


HGS Clothing offers the highest level of material and craftsmanship to create great looking Bespoke (made-to-measure) garments for men and women wanting to make a professional statement. Hiploose created a website that truely shows off HGS Clothing's great material and great craftsmanship. We are in the process of creating a truely interactive app where you can build your own 'Bespoke' garment!


Google first announced a new kind of search - universal, or blended, search - back in 2007 that, in addition to text-based results (web pages), would integrate different kinds of results such as video, images, and news, just to name a few, and in late 2009 Google added “real time search” integrating updates from Twitter and social media sites into search results...


As a BBB Accredited Business, Hiploose is dedicated to promoting trust in the marketplace. “We are proud to have met BBB’s high standards and we are excited to be part of an organization that exists so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of trust,” said Matthew Betts...