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Demo house #1

Demo house #1

by Scanm

Demo house #2

Demo house #2

by Scanm

Demo house #3

Demo house #3

by ScanM

Why choose ScanM

Offer your stakeholders the best online experience. Take your regular presentation to the next level… and beyond. ScanM is a revolutionary new technique. Never seen before.

Virtual Reality
ScanM can be viewed on desktop, mobile and with your VR-viewer.

Flight Mode

Flight Mode
Beter than video is our flight mode. Just try it!


Measure tool
Measure any size within the image. Auto-scale when zoomed in or out.

Frequently asked questions

ScanM is brand new and you will probably have a lot of questions.

How can I get a scan from ScanM?

If you want a scan from ScanM, just fill in the form and we will contact you asap. A SCANMAN near you will do you a great offer and plan the scanning with you. The number of SCANMAN will grow soon so in the near future there will always be a SCANMAN near you.

Are you a real estate agent? Read here what we can offer you.

What do I need to make a scan with ScanM?

At this moment we offer our services only through SCANMAN. These professionals make scans of your property with the right equipement such as the rotator device.  This will ensure you a professional and accurate scan of your property. 9012822825

How much does it cost to make scan?

Our Scanman will offer you a good deal. The price depends on the size of the property. Bigger spaces require more scans and more work. Generally a full ScanM scan of a residential property starts at EUR 150,- (plus VAT). You will have a full scan of your home and the the flight mode (which is much cooler than a video).

Are you a real estate agent? Read here what we can offer you.


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June 22, 2017

With ScanM we sold our house within a week!

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June 22, 2017

I placed my SCANM on facebook and it went viral.

Soon we will publish the full story here Heading Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam ornare posuere imperdiet. Vivamus a tortor convallis, sollicitudin elit eu, porta nulla....