We enjoyed driving along the new expressway.

Let's be quiet.


She is wearing an expensive necklace.

Poverty prevented him from continuing his studies.

When Heidi told Chris he didn't like her scarf, she got rid of it.

One notices readily, Ethel, that French blood courses in your veins.

Can we afford a new car?

I think it quite strange that he should not know such a thing.

I'm sorry. I thought I had already responded to you.

"I want to learn Latin." "What did you say?" "I said that I want to learn Latin."

How can I find my G-spot?

Since it rained, I did not go.

I'll be back in a month.

She was in the habit of sitting up late at night.

The sanctuary is before; and the thief, behind.


The baby was fast asleep.

I'll drive to Boston tomorrow.

He should have been here ten minutes ago.

This would be catastrophic.

I hear his business is on the verge of going bankrupt.

That just didn't sound right.

Shannon is just going through a phase.


We're going to stay.

Man has the gift of speech which no animal has.

The train pulled out exactly on time.

The loss of her husband was a great blow for Randall.

Nicolette may not be feeling well.

"Don't you like sports?" "No, I don't."

Once a month, I go to the hairdresser.

I don't think that would be a great idea.

You have to adapt to circumstances.

Can you excuse me, please?

I'm going to forget you said that.

As everyone knows, air is a mixture of gases.

I can't be friends with her.

Cary and I used to play tennis together.

I agreed with his plan.

It really did happen.

What do Italians usually eat for lunch?

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I think it's highly unlikely that Keith will take Butler to the party.

Lum is angry and afraid.

His slacks are all wrinkled.


It was not clear whether they had done or not.

Stop talking about us.

Delbert may be right.


I'll help you look for them.

I'll ask him about it tomorrow.

Vincent's eyes filled with tears as she read the note from Israel telling her that he'd left her.

He's a great coach.

I just took it for granted that you would always be there for me no matter what.


Forty-eight hours is how many minutes?

They are both very excited.

I only have a week to get this done.


The recent events have affected him deeply.

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There isn't much money in this business.

Misfortunes pile up.

Each one of us is unique in the way that we respond to situations.

It's great to have you back.

I've got varicose veins.

Her third movie greatly added to her reputation.

You have every right to know what happened.

I didn't see Clifford again.

What is this? This is a bus.

I took my shoes off and put them under the bed.

Martha did fool me.

New Year's Day is the key to the year.

Do you take pride in your work?

It's possible that he came here as a child.

He's an expert at throwing knives.

He taught his dog some clever tricks.

I haven't asked her yet.

What will you do?

Boyd pointed up at the ceiling.

I think Harold is happy.

He lives according to God's laws.

I don't think Son is going to make it.

The fire has gone out.


Do you speak Elvish?


Hi Tran, and welcome to Tatoeba!

Do you think you're going to be able to stop me?

All the students study English.


You can't do it by yourself.

I'm building a birdhouse.

It's time we went home.


I thought things were going OK.


Is there something I can help you with?


He's going to be very weak and peaky for the next couple of days.


Sjouke offered me a very sweet deal.

One clear thought is worth two neologisms.

Let's see you do that.

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My arm really hurts.

Cris smiled at Donald affectionately.

What does it mean to have an educated mind in the 21st century?

Is the good-looking man Arab or Indian?

The truth will be got at before long.

We are in need of some food.

I am concerned about his poor health.


Without water, no creature could live.


Rabin is completely crazy.

Israel lived in Boston when he was in college.

Is Annard still staying with you?

Pratt slipped out the back door.

They fell one after another.


Johann and Kay both come from dysfunctional families.

She's eating for two.

Lex grabbed his lunch pail and headed for school.

I always wear boots when it rains or snows.

There was a bunch of geese flying in different groups.

One store decided to pull the controversial CD from its shelves.

I am anxious by nature.


What did you think of the party?


The important thing is that we're together.

"May I go with you?" "Of course."

The man took my arm.

Where's the exit?

When did you tell me that?


Did you ask him?

I'm going to get you a ticket, too.

Let me get your bags for you.

I have not been sick for the past ten years.

Alison is on antidepressants.


There's no happiness among things. It's in people's hearts who see and use those things.

I want Sofoklis to know I've got no beef with him.

I used to love swimming.

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Please answer me.

Huashi made fun of me.

Will it happen again?

That kid was almost run over when the truck backed up.

Open Sesame!


There isn't a moment to spare.

Thirteen people were wounded.

The whole system is distorted.


He was going to go to London, but in the end he wasn't able to.

She returned to where her brother was last seen.

He was asleep in the bed.

I really liked that.

The infrastructure of an application is directly related to its overall performance.

Haven't you got a cheaper edition?

There were many fingerprints on the purse.

They knocked on the door and said they had come to arrest him.

Were you hurt?


He bit his lip.

I have no money to buy it.

In Soviet Russia, television watches the audience!

Light is the stimulus that causes a flower to open.

Her beauty cast a spell over him.

She knows better than to argue with him.

The book is missing chapters 2, 5, and 13.

It's no joke.

Edward removed a card from his wallet.

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You will soon get used to the climate here.

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I'll wait until four o'clock.

There have been several new developments in electronics.

I thought you were dating him.

I'm free this afternoon.

Whenever you may call on him, you will find that he is out.


Bruno arrived at home early yesterday.

Werner examined the photo with a magnifying glass.

Allan is more scared of Brooke than she is of him.

We're eating up a lot of time writing letters by hand.

A teacher must not laugh about a pupil who has made a mistake.

I just want to say you did a good job.

I haven't bothered checking it.


She wrote me four letters.


Reflect on advantages and disadvantages before you make up your mind.

Are you trying to pick a fight?

I need to know more about it.