Can't we all be friends?

Now everything's exposed.


Absinthe is the beverage of gods.

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We haven't talked since.

That hasn't been decided.

Tell Manavendra to meet us at the station.


Your dog is over there.

What did you hear?

She closed her eyes.


You should have left half an hour earlier.

She was put in charge of the project, despite having zero leadership skills.

Let me call my wife and tell her I won't be home for dinner.


She is widely known.

Most computers made today are equipped with multi-core processors.

I was so worried about Suzan.

Did you receive my e-mail of January 10?

Hienz felt a chill go up his spine.

They trusted you.

You guys aren't from around here, are you?

I'll put off my visit to England till the weather is warmer.

It's as clear as day.

Masanobu wasn't allowed to do that.

Little did I imagine that my plan would go wrong.


Olof stopped smiling and gave me a dirty look.


Shari's a nice guy. Everyone likes him.

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The spacious plain spread as far as the eye can see, dotted with groves here and there.


How did he respond to the news?

Holly used to hate Narendra. Now he loves her.

It's a quarter till two.

I wash my hair every day.

Don't let them give up.


It's all part of their strategy.

You can use my car.

I'd prefer to spend the whole day reading a book.

Jeffie ate breakfast by himself.

I cannot say who is on the list because I still have not seen the list.

The boy you killed was your son.

I slept until noon, and then studied for the rest of the day.

This company monitors its employees' e-mail.

He starts for Nara tomorrow.


The river Ganges is considered sacred to Hindus.


I have a separate notebook for each class.

Vicki says Dieter needs to resign.

I thought Butler was wrong.

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I knew this was too good to be true.

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That leaves no room for doubt.

Don't take your eyes off him.

I'm going back to sleep.

Jeanne roasts his own coffee beans.

I have nothing to say to any of you.

I'm proud of my dad.

What are we here for?

I'm doing my duty.

When was Queen Victoria born?


Bert told me I could find you here.

I aim to change that.

The station is a little way off.

This rug has a nice pattern.

I told you to do your chores.

I don't think we're welcome here.

I was certainly lucky.


Audrey should've known that we'd be here today.


I want you to tell me everything.


The other day I went on an overseas trip with my mother.

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She endeavored to do her duty.

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Thanks for helping us.

Kimmo looked at his watch and saw that he only had five minutes left until lunchtime.

How would you handle her debt?

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Something is obviously not right with Ernest.

They could reach there without delay.

He tends to be arrogant.

Do you think I need one?

She cursed loudly.

The wind gently kissed the trees.

John, you're working too hard. Sit down and take it easy for a while.

That sucks.

This is my third week.

I did my best to prevent this.

You're making a fool of yourself.

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As compared with last summer, we haven't had so much rain this year.

Never tell a lie!

I need someone to talk to her.

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She has been struck by lightning three times.

My boyfriend still doesn't know my parents.

No one can help me.


We've had fun, haven't we?


Don't fail to return the book tomorrow.

I wanted to talk to you about something.

I've known her all my life.

I never got to talk to them.

I have a better idea.

The workman, as a rule, works eight hours a day.

Anna gave Lou a handmade potholder.

I think Clarence might want to go bowling with us.

Who is the team's coach?


He was good at this game.


The body converts extra calories into fat.

We entered the restaurant and had lunch.

I want to tell you what happened.


Marconi invented the radio.


He would drink a white or red wine.

Hello my beautiful!

Hughes has a nice figure.

Have you read the book "Vegan until 6 p.m."? It describes a new way of losing weight.

There is a reason that everybody hates Kerry.


Do you know how long you've been here?


He offered Norma a gift.

I'm very sorry for the pain I caused.

Please have someone else do it.

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Opposition to the bill was strong.

We'll have plenty of time for that later.

Johann is unlucky.

Russian astronaut Alexei Leonov performed the first spacewalk on March 18, 1965.

How can you be so indifferent to your wife's trouble?


At least I know Janice is safe right now.

Raphael is off doing his own thing.

She advised him to come by 2:30.


We're sophomores.

This sentence is composed of seven words.

Moore wanted to say more, but he couldn't.

The wider the V, the slower the speed.

We have to take this problem into consideration.

He has not more than a hundred novels.

Ssi wasn't with us.

Get me my pills.

You know it as well as I do.

It's not only me, it's the most.

Who appointed you?

You got the job.

His health is improving little by little.

My father takes a bath before supper.

Are you traveling to Germany?

Todd looks thinner every day.

It's obviously very painful.

I immediately gasped.

I was in the water.

As global warming increases, sea levels get higher and higher.

He had to work as hard as he could to finish it in time.

Ahmet was there physically, but not mentally.

I was wondering if you could give me a lift, if it isn't too much trouble.

Your words have given me pause.

We were all very touched.

You have to pay me for all my translations.

He doesn't look happy to see me.

Do you hate them that much?

So we are annoyed by the noise of cars.

That alone is an achievement.

Ginny was the victim of a homicide.

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Petr's success motivated us.

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Craig is drawing on a sketchpad.

Monty will take care of that for us.

We ran after the thief.

Tell them that I'll do it.

Come down here and eat with us.

Pierre says that she can't fall asleep without her favorite stuffed animal.

Tuan turned off his headlights.

Today I got to meet my new philosophy teacher.

I feel guilty about having told a lie.

Do you mean me?

You just messed up once. You don't need to agonize over it.


I wish I could speak English.

I am a poor sailor, so I don't like to travel by boat.

Your glasses fell on the floor.